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Fever: How high is too high?

By Melissa Erickson

For parents, especially new parents, a child’s fever can be a frightening thing. When is a fever cause for concern, and when is it just part of a natural childhood illness?

Every child will eventually run a fever, which is simply a rise in a child’s body temperature, said Dr. Rupal Gupta, a pediatrician with Nemours and medical editor for

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How is a summer cold different than a winter cold?

By Danielle Braff

You expect a cold in the winter, but when a common cold hits you in the spring or summer months, it’s an extra level of torture.

And if you think this warm-weather cold feels a little different from the winter version, it’s not your imagination.

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Immune-boosting foods

By Danielle Braff

It’s been a long winter. And you’re still getting cold after cold. It’s time to give your immune system a boost.

Some foods that have been scientifically proven to boost your immunity:

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